Analysis Research Service Center

Mission and Objectives

The Analysis Research Service Center (ARSC) spans multiple locations in the Roy F. Mitte (RFM) and Jerome C. Supple (SUPP) buildings and hosts equipment utilized to probe the structure, composition, and electrical/magnetic properties of matter. Electron and Optical Microscopy equipment allows the user to image sample features across 6 orders of magnitude to "see" and understand everything from metal\concrete castings to bacteria to nanoparticles. Various photon energies are utilized for spectroscopic interrogation from infrared to x-ray wavelengths revealing information such as bond energy, crystal structure, and stoichiometry. Scanning probe techniques allow the user to maximize spatial resolution when measuring mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and piezoelectric properties with ultra-sharp "tips". Finally, electrical/magnetic characterization measures the response of a sample to an applied field that allows determination of properties like magnetization, carrier mobility, impedance, and conductivity.