TEM Consumables

Tem Consumables


Please contact ARSC Staff to purchase consumables. Consumable costs are outside of the monthly project cap. Contact us at analysisrsc@txstate.edu if you have any questions.

For more information about TEM Consumables, go to www.tedpella.com.


PELCO Center-Marked Grids
   Prod # IGN200, 200 mesh, 3.0mm O.D., Nickel
    $32/per vial (100 grids)

PELCO Slot Grids
    Prod #1GC12H , 1x2 mm, Copper
    $37/per vial (100 grids)

PELCO Slot Grids
    Prod #1GM12S , 1x2 mm, Molybdenum
    $89/per vial (100 grids)

PELCO Slot Grids
    Prod #1GA12S , 1x2 mm, Aluminum
    $109/per vial (100 grids)

PELCO FIB Lift-Out TEM Grids
    Prod #10GC02 , 2 wide posts, Copper
    $84/per vial (100 grids)

Carbon Type - B
    Prod #01808N-F ,200 mesh TH, Nickel
    $117/50 packages

Lacey Formvar/Carbon
    Prod #01881-F , 200 mesh, approximately 97 um grid holes, Copper
    $105/50 packages

PELCO TEM Grid Storage Boxes
    Prod # 160 
    $4.70/100 packages

Ultrathin 400 mesh Copper Grids
    Prod # 01824 
    $117.90/25 packages

Support Films Type-A
    Prod # 01822-F , Ultrathin C, Type-A 400 mesh grids, Cu
    $123.10/50 packages

Carbon Type-B
    Prod # 01813N-F , 300 mesh, Nickel
    $115.80/50 packages

Gilder Aperture Grids
    Prod #GA2000 , 2.0 mm hole, 3.05mm O.D., Copper
    $36/100 packages

Maxtaform Reference Finder Grids
    Prod #79750 ,Style H2, 200 mesh, Copper
    $50/100 packages

*Internal project cost per consumable. Additional fees may apply for external projects.