Shared Research Operations Team

The SRO team standing on the stairs outside the JCS building
Shared Research Operation Team

SRO Staff

Dr. Casey Smith 

Director, Shared Research Operations
Office: RFM 1244

Casey E. Smith received his B.A. in Physics with a minor in Geology from University of Texas At Austin, M.S. in Physics with a minor in Chemistry from Texas State University, and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of North Texas. After receiving his Ph.D., he was employed as a research engineer and program manager at SEMATECH where he worked on integration and process module development for non-planar transistors (FinFETs) and other novel CMOS compatible technologies including Nanoelectromechanical systems and tunnel transistors.  Afterwards, Dr. Smith joined the technical staff of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology where he continued to work on disruptive CMOS based technologies and oversaw the construction of custom cleanroom workspaces.  He joined Texas State University in 2013 and currently leads the Shared Research Operations technical team responsible for management of Research Service Centers that help fulfill the educational, research, and entrepreneurial mission of the University.  Dr. Smith also contributes to the development of hands-on curriculum for graduate coursework, serves on thesis and dissertation committees, and develops safety and equipment training protocols that impact a wide user base.  He is author or co-author of more than 50 refereed scientific publications and has a lifetime h-index of 22.

Dr. Joyce Harrington Anderson

Research Associate, Shared Research Operations
Office: RFM 1205

Joyce joined the SRO staff in 2021, after completing her doctoral studies in the MSEC program here at Texas State. Her background is in mechanical and materials engineering, with a research interest in materials characterization, including electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and sample preparation tools.

Jacob Armitage

Instrument Technician, Shared Research Operations
Office: SUPP 3205

Jacob Armitage is a PhD candidate in Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization and working as an Instrument Technician with Texas State University. He has a background with inorganic synthesis, electrochemistry, and product design. His dissertation studies laser-assisted synthesis and defect engineering of metal sulfides for use as high efficiency electrocatalysts.

Alissa Savage

IMF Resource Manager, Scientific Instrument Technician Shared Research Operations 
Office: SUPP 172 

Alissa A. Savage received her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry in 2009 and a MBA from Texas State University in 2016. After receiving her bachelor's degree Ms. Savage worked as a Grant Specialist at Texas State University doing research on optic nerve regeneration in zebrafish. Soon thereafter she started working as a Research Assistant II for Operational Technologies Corporation and as the Integrated Microscopy Facility (IMF) Resource Manager at Texas State University. In the summer of 2013, the IMF merged with other departments shared resources and the Analysis Research Service Center (ARSC) at Texas State University was created. Ms. Savage has been managing the ARSC since and specializes in Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. Ms. Savage develops safety and equipment training protocols, serves as the PI for industry facility agreements, facilitates coursework, tours and demonstrations in the facility, trains internal and external users on equipment in the facility, and helps to fulfill the educational, research, and entrepreneurial mission of Texas State University. She is co-author on 8 scientific publications and her micrographs were featured on two journal covers.

Melvin Cruz

Senior Laboratory Services Technician, SRO 
Office: RFM 1242

Melvin Cruz is a graduate of Austin Community College with A.A.S. in Engineering Technology, as well as a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Technical Writing from Southwest Texas State University.  After receiving his A.A.S. degree he was employed as a Burn-In Technician for Best I.C. Labs in Austin, Texas performing burn-in testing of various types of semiconductor devices as well as board level diagnostics, monitoring, and repair.  He then moved on to be employed at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) in Austin, Texas as a Wafer Fab Technician for the Diffusion module production line, eventually becoming a Shift Process Technician supporting all aspects of the Diffusion module various processes.  This is where he discovered his interest in semiconductor process engineering, leading him to finish his B.S. degree.  After his internship at Dupont Dow Elastomers in Freeport, Texas, Melvin worked at Severn Trent Laboratories as a Chemist and Lab Supervisor performing acid-base titrations and testing of soil and water samples for companies in Texas.  He then re-joined the semiconductor industry at Sematech in Austin, Texas as Photolithography Technician in the Litho module, before going on to work as Project Process Technician for Front End Process (FEP) module which led him to become a Shift Manager overseeing 20+ employees for 2nd shift.  He was promoted within the company to a position as a Process Engineer for the FEP module for 4 years.  With Sematech transitioning the company to Albany, NY, he successfully transferred the CMOS and Capacitor Baseline processes to the SUNY Semiconductor facility. Afterwards, Melvin joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as a Laboratory Manager / Integration Engineer where he managed labs (including maintenance/repair of equipment, safety coordination, and training graduate student research group members on various equipment and processes) and oversaw the construction of the 2nd laboratory custom workspace.  He joined Texas State University in 2020 and currently leads the Nanofabrication Research Service Center cleanroom helping to fulfill the educational, research, and entrepreneurial mission of the University.  Melvin also contributes to the development of hands-on graduate laboratory coursework and supports / develops safety and equipment training protocols.  He is co-author of 12 Conference / Journal publications.

Kelsie L Crumpton

Administrative Assistant III, SRO
Office: RFM 3205

Karla Pizana

Academic Budget, Shared Research Operations 
Office: RFM 3211

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Student Employees

Shared Research Operations employs many amazing students to help assist in the operation of our facilities and equipment.

Graduate and Doctoral Assistants


Doctoral Assistant



Daniel Bailey

Graduate Assistant

Mahamudujjaman Md

Doctoral Assistant

Miracle John

Doctoral Assistant

Austin-Bingamon Noah L

Doctoral Assistant

Oluwasola Arigbabowo

Doctoral Instructional Assistant

Mahigna Vemula

Graduate Assistant

Cantrell Sam

Doctoral Assistant

Mayorga-Luna Rigo

Doctoral Assistant

Poudel Kiran

Graduate Assistant

Emran Hossain Sajib

Graduate Assistant

Omorogieva Osarieme 

Graduate Assistant


Evan Jellison

Graduate Assistant


Alan Martinez

Hourly Student Worker

Cervantes Sofia

Hourly Student Worker

Hernandez Billy

Hourly Student Worker

Jackson Hughes

Hourly Student Worker

Josie Padilla

Hourly Student Worker

Grant Garrison

Hourly Student Worker

Caleb Solis

Hourly Student Worker

SRO Student Employee Alumni

These crafty Bobcats have moved on to new challenges, their service to SRO was much appreciated!

John T. Miracle
MSEC DIA/Graduate School

Anthony Sherrow
Engineer, Mission Critical Systems

Jon Diaz
Microfabrication Engineer, Nanohmics

Isai Hernandez
Engineer, Intel

Aron Hoffman
Failure Analysis Engineer, Qorvo

Mariana Acosta
Lab Manager, St. Edwards University

Michael Colvin



George Parra
Graduate School at Texas State University

Armando Pinales

Brendan Forsman

Mark Riggs
Raytheon Missile Systems

Keaton Merino
Frost Bank

Dr. Jonathan Anderson
Post Doctoral Research Associate Physics, Texas State University

Mandesh Khadka

Junaid Rehman

Dean Koehne

Manas Maheshwari 

Ruby Lauritzen

James Strong

Sweet Everest



Jacob Bisbal
MD Anderson

Jonathan Villareal 
Computer Science Research Assistant, TXST

Eli Hernandez

Md Abdul Halim

Nahama Lujan

Matthew Sanchez

Jonathan Naranjo

Akhilesh Padmanabhuni

Kushal Thapa