Paraffin Embedding Center

 Paraffin Embedding Center


This equipment embeds tissue samples and creates paraffin-embedded tissue blocks efficiently and without error to produce better micro-sections of desired sample/tissues. It has a 3-module design that features a Dispensing console, Thermal console, and a Cold plate console . The low work surface with integrated paraffin block de-waxer helps to speed up workflow. 


  • Microprocessor controlled for dependability and performance
  • 5-liter capacity paraffin reservoir which minimizes refilling frequency 
  • Heated forceps warmer and illuminated paraffin dispenser enhance user friendliness
  • Warming oven with removable shelf with convenient access to preheated base mold
  • Wax bath complete with drainage shelf, debris screen, and hinged lid
  • Heated work area provides a flat working surface with the excess paraffin draining under the surface into the wax bath
  • Hand and foot switched for activating the dispensing head
  • The cold plate holds up to 60 blocks worth of compressor-cooled working surface with a removable stainless steel drainage tray beneath
  • Spacious storage keeps up to 600 cassettes ready for embedding
  • Accommodates any cassette including "megacassettes"

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Location: Supple 171
Manager: Dr. Casey Smith,
Generously funded by the Materials Application Research Center