Optical Microscope

Optical Microscope


The Olympus BX60M optical microscope is capable of magnifications from 5-100x. Digital image acquisition and post processing is available. Additionally, the system is capable of simple polarized light microscopy and Nomarski interference contrast microscopy. Nomarski interference contrast microscopy uses the comparison of the different optical path lengths of a sample to image otherwise invisible features. This is commonly used for imaging unstained biological samples and defects in thin semiconductor samples.


  • Objectives:
    • Olympus UMPlanFl 5x/0.15 BD P
    • Olympus LMPlanFl 10x/0.25 BD
    • Olympus LMPlanFl 20x/0.40 BD
    • Olympus UMPlanFl 50x/0.75 BD P
    • Olympus UMPlanFl 100x/0.90 BD
  • Filters and Attachments:
    • Olympus U-DICR Normarski Prism Slider
    • Olympus U-PO Polarizer Slider
    • Olympus U-AN360 Rotatable Analyzer Slider
    • Olympus U-LBD-2 Filter
    • Olympus U-DND-2 Filter
  • Dark/Bright field modes
  • Green light/ glare filtering
  • Non-destructive
  • Live-time observation
  • Image capture/analysis tools

Location: RFM 2226
Manager: Jacob Armitage ja1361@txstate.edu
Backup: Dr. Casey Smith casey.smith@txstate.edu
Model: Olympus BX60M