Leica Argon Polisher



The Leica RES102 Argon polisher is used to carefully remove dielectric, semiconductor, or metallic material from a sample destined for analysis by electron microscopy (SEM or TEM).  Samples are placed under vacuum and their surface is milled with a beam of ionized Argon from up to 2 sources with adjustable angle of incidence with respect to the sample surface normal.  Removal of material from the sample surface to clean, polish, or enhance contrast improves the quality of subsequent SEM analysis.  The system is also capable of automatically terminating milling of TEM specimens to achieve electron transparency.


Sample size SEM holder: max. Ø 25mm x 12mm

Prepared area SEM holder: max. Ø 25mm

Sample size TEM and FIB holder: Ø 3mm or 2.3mm

Supported Equipment



Talos TEM

Location: RFM 1202
Manager: Dr. Casey Smith, casey.smith@txstate.edu
Backup: Dr. Joyce Anderson, jha39@txstate.edu
Model: Leica RES102
Donated/funded by: The Materials Applications Research Center (MARC)