Imaging Sputter Coater



The Quorum Technologies EMS150T ES a versatile sputter coater/turbo evaporator for preparing specimens for examination by electron microscopy (EM). It is a combined system with interchangeable inserts for iridium sputter coating or carbon evaporation. Carbon films are used because of their good electrical conductivity and low background signal – recommended for energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), wavelength dispersive x-ray spectrometry (WDS), or to produce carbon support films for TEM. The Q150T ES enhances the efficiency of the process using low voltages and gives a fine-grain, cool sputtering for iridium deposition – recommended for high and ultra-high resolution FESEM imaging. User-friendly, can control deposition by time or thickness, is fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens, and offers easy loading and unloading of samples. Samples can be coated with gold or iridium metal. 


  • Maximum sample size (X-Y-Z): 75mm x 75mm x 35mm.
  • Sputter coat samples using 2nm of iridium/run.
  • Maximum deposition current of 150 mA.
  • Rotating stage, holds up to six 12.5 mm SEM studs.
  • High vacuum carbon coating (pulsed or ramped).
  • User-defined profile control.

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Location: RFM 1202
Manager: Dr. Casey Smith
Backup: Joyce Anderson,
Model: EMS 150T ES