Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)



EZ9-HF High Field vector vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) is for the characterization of magnetic materials including powders, thin films and bulk magnetic materials. Allows the study of magnetization and magnetic anisotropy over a wide temperature, field magnitude, and field direction range. Used to determine the magnetic hysteresis curve, i.e. the relation between the magnetic field and the magnetic moment. The hysteresis curve provides the magnetic response of the material under an applied field and is often referred to as the magnetic fingerprint.


  • Magnetic characterization (8mm round sample)
  • Magneto resistance (2.5 x 9mm sample size)
  • Temperature control (78K-1000K / -195C-725C)
  • Magnetic field (-2.25 Tesla to 2.25 Tesla)

Related Equipment


Item Price per unit
  Internal Project Price External Project Price
Quartz 8 mm perpendicular sample holder for EV/EZ VSM or 880 VSM $150.00 $224.25
Quartz 8 mm transverse sample holder for EV/EZ VSM or 880 VSM $130.00 $194.35
Boron Nitride Spacer $302.00 $451.49
Boron Nitride Cup $246.00 $367.77
PCTFE Spacer (threaded) $132.00 $197.34
PCTFE Cup (threaded) $66.00 $98.67

Example Data

Location: RFM 2226
Manager: Dr. Casey Smith
Backup: Jacob Armitage,
Model: Microsense LLC / EZ9-HF VSM
Granted by: NSF-MRI-1726970