Tergeo Plasma Cleaner



The Tergeo Plasma Cleaner generates a plasma of high-purity Argon and/or Oxygen to remove hydrocarbon contamination from TEM sample rods and samples.  The system can localize the plasma around the sample (immersion mode) or separate from the sample (remote mode) to control the aggressiveness of the plasma treatment/cleaning. Plasma duty cycle can be continuous or pulsed depending on the sensitivity of the part to be cleaned. Users can also modify the surface functionalization of TEM grids (hydrophobic or hydrophilic) to assist with sample fixation.  


  • Immersion and remote plasma modes
  • Continuous or pulsed plasma duty cycle
  • Chamber holds up to two TEM rods
  • Sample chamber can be configured to hold a sample up to 100mm diameter
  • Realtime plasma intensity monitoring


  • Maximum sample diameter = 100mm

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Location: Supple 171
Manager: Dr. Casey Smith, casey.smith@txstate.edu
Manufacturer, Model: Pie Scientific, Tergeo-EM