Hirox Digital Microscope


The Hirox Digital Microscope allows for quick and easy, calibrated, high-precision, non-contact 2D and 3D measurements of your specimens over a broad magnification range (6x – 2500x).  A 2.38 Mega-pixel CMOS Image Sensor can capture high-definition (1920 x 1200) images as stills or at 50 frames per second as video.  Enhanced Digital Processing allows for stills to be captured at high-resolution (10560 x 6600) with processing algorithms for anti-halation, contrast, edge, and hue/chroma correction. A motorized XYZ Stage with integrated image processing allows for both 3D images with a 30 mm stroke and/or tiled images using a 40 x 40 mm range of travel. Time lapse images can be captured with a minimum sampling time of 0.1 second and a maximum of 200 minutes.


  • Auto-focusing
  • Motorized XY-Stage
  • Video or time-lapse capture
  • Focus stacking for 3D imaging
  • 2D & 3D tiling
  • Bright & Dark field imaging
  • Submicron minimum feature size imaging
  • Maximum sample size:
    • Using stage: LxWxH 48 in. (1200 mm) x 5 in. (125 mm) from edge to observation point x 3 in. (75 mm)
    • Using contact adapter: Restricted by length of cable to camera unit: 36 in. (900 mm)

Location: RFM 1202
Manager: Jacob Armitage ja1361@txstate.edu
Backup: Dr. Casey Smith, casey.smith@txstate.edu
Model: RH-2000E